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d/hr [Jan. 18th, 2004|07:34 pm]
reasons why d/hr ain't possible )

d/hr is NOT possible because,well
a)for goodness sakes,people think if they get together,they're going to fuck each other like maniacs.
thats not the case,the case is,draco is going to be fucking lavender,while hermoine is fucking ron.
screw d/hr NC-17 smut.what about ron/hermoine smut??they can be dirty sometimes;)

[User Picture]From: emiv
2004-04-07 12:44 pm (UTC)
(Taken from your info page:)

4 all true r/hr shippers!
just these two:
no ship bashing,I hate the ship wars and please,I know I hate the ship wars,but,please don't advertise support for the h/hr ship,don't bash it though!
the icon came from whole-new-light.com,I didn't make it,I think its beautiful though!

That is a tad hypocritical. All the posts I have seen so far aren't about Hr/R, but are bashing D/Hr.

I happen to be a fan of both Ron/Hermione and Draco/Hermione (It is Hermione/Harry that I loath…), and while I prefer R/Hr, I can still list many ways D/Hr would be possible.

Also, not all D/Hr fanfics are simply smut or even have sex in them. The "let them just have mad sex" plotline is a cheap overused cop-out for writers who can't think of a good way to get them together otherwise. There are many VERY well written and believable D/Hr fics out there, and if you would like to read one, I would be more than happy to point you to some of the best.

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